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Filter New vs Returning AdWords Visitors?

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Hi All,


I am trying to filter down my GA data to show only my Google AdWords clicks, as well as show the new users and returning visitors for my AdWords clicks.


I am getting a high volume of clicks, but very little contacts or business leads coming from them. I am trying to see if I am getting multiple clicks from only a few users. I fear that my competitors are clicking on my ads to drive up my costs.


Is there any way I can filter down to show this data?



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March 2016

Re: Filter New vs Returning AdWords Visitors?

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Hi Peter,
You can check Adwords data by clicking on Acquisition--> Overview-->Paid search.

In order to see returning and new visitors please follow the below steps

Acquisition--> Overview-->Paid search-->Secondary dimension -->Users -->User Type

Last but not least Google handles Invalid clicks very well so you shouldn't worry about it. Google won't charge you for
Invalid clicks. You can check Invalid clicks in Adwords Campaign dashboard.

Hope this helps


Re: Filter New vs Returning AdWords Visitors?

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Thanks so much for your fast reply.

Your explanation was perfect! Exactly what I wanted to know.

Thanks so mcuh.

Re: Filter New vs Returning AdWords Visitors?

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Hi santosh,

1 further question if I can.

I have used your instruction above and they give me the data I am after, but I want to limit the keywords displayed to only show the ones I want. There are checkboxes beside the keywords, but I can't find a way to exclude the ones that are unchecked, or to filter them in some other way.

Is there a way of doing this?