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Experience with Audience Exclusion

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With everything that has been said over the last while about how user experience is effecting SEO right now, and how important it is as google ranking factor.

What I'm a little confused about is what technical aspects do the crawls read to determine user experience? What specific analytics should I be looking for in GA and Webmaster Tools?

Re: Experience with Audience Exclusion

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Most of what is said about user experience affecting SEO is tripe.
Because of the very reasons you stated - how can an algorithm and crawler analyse this objectively?
there are objective signals like is it mobile friendly, is the site fast, etc. they count a bit for SEO.
worry about SEO for SEO and worry about UX for UX.
for UX you need to be thinking about heat mapping and session recording try a tool like VWO or hotjar

NB: this is prob not really the right forum for this type of Q as it is not an SEO forum you can head over to a google webmaster forum but a lot of the best seo advice and community forum you'll find on