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Excluding ppc users with more than 3 clicks

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Hi everyone Smiley Happy

I am trying to exclude from Search campaign users who clicked ads more than 3 times - using Analytics audiences.

I created a remarketing audience with users who made more than 3 sessions and came from google/ppc (because there was no option to add "clicks" so I have chosen "sessions"). I added the list to "Excluded", but it doesn't work - Search ads still show up.

Do I need to wait for 1000 RLSA users to make it work...? As far as I know adding for example a remarketing audience of past buyers works as exclusion even if it doesn't have 100 users. Doesn't it work with RLSA the same way....?

Or is there a better way to cope with the problem...?

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Excluding ppc users with more than 3 clicks

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"Doesn't it work with RLSA the same way....?"


No. You can't add remarketing lists as exclusions for search campaigns like you can for display.


As an AdWords specialist, I can tell you that if repeat visitors are actively searching for your brand or products you do NOT want to exclude them from targeting. They are actively searching for something. If they have already visited your site, and better yet converted, but are still actively searching, then you have a problem! Smiley Happy


You want to keep those users in the funnel, not exclude them. Impressions for display ads may be a different story, if you are concerned about "stalking" your customers online. But, if you haven't yet earned their business through direct returning visits, then you should still be marketing to those users on search networks.


Excluding ppc users with more than 3 clicks

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try using a 3rd party software and limit the clicks per ip you can change them to as low as one click per ip