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Dynamic remarketing through GA

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I'm trying to set up Dynamic Remarketing through GA, but are facing an issue that I have been unable te resolve for several days now. I posted the same question in the Adwords forum, although I was recommended to ask here as well.


The problem:

Adwords complains that the remarketing tag isn't working correctly. Ecomm_prodid does not match any product in Merchant center.

The value of the "ecomm_prodid" parameter being passed to the remarketing tag is incorrect. Your tag's "ecomm_prodid" value needs to match either the "id" or "item_group_id" of the product in the connected Google Merchant Center account.

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 15.33.59.png 

The situation:



GA tag enabled through Tag Manager, where I read the the product_id out of the dataLayer and pass it on to GA as a custom dimension. In analytics I use this custom dimension to set up the dynamic attribute ecomm_prodid that I pass on to Adwords. Please see the screenshots attached:Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 14.10.07.png

 Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 14.09.33.png

Merchant center:


The feed imported without any problems. No errors.

IDs match my shop product IDs.


Tag manager:

Using the GA debugger, I can confirm that the dataLayer variable google_tag_params.ecomm_prodid contains exactly the same ID as the IDs in Merchant center. 


Dynamic remarketing through GA

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I contacted Google support as well. They had to investigate and would call back. No answer either after two days.


My experience with posts without replies is that A. the problem is either that simple that people don't bother answering, or B. It's too complicated.


I hope it's A :-)