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Duplicate Goal Completions

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I'm having a few problems with Adwords -> Analytics linking.


After linking analytics to adwords, conversions are now being tracked twice.


The weird thing is that none of the goals from analytics are being imported so i'm not really sure what's causing it.


If anyone can help, that would be much appreciated!





Re: Duplicate Goal Completions

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Hi ezdotcom2,
could you explain better what you mean with being tracked twice?
it sound weird that it depends from the connection fo google adwords and google analytics that just add a gclid parameter on you adwords landing page o permit to import data from AdWords.

More conversion on Google Analytics are tracked only 1 time for sessions so for example fi the user complete twice the same conversion during the same session system will count 1 conversion.

Could you give us more detail?

Re: Duplicate Goal Completions

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Hey Fil,

Apologies, i was rushing when i wrote that.

Ok so for example i'm seeing keywords with a 200% conversion rate.

Therefore the same user is showing as converting twice.