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Do paid ads cannibalized some of the organic traffic?

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I found that when I started doing SEM for my website, organic visits have dropped. 

Re: Do paid ads cannibalized some of the organic traffic?

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Hi Bhagyashree -

This is a very interesting topic. I tend to think of it this way, if you aren't bidding on those keywords, someone else is. With the recent changes to remove the right hand side ads on Desktop and Google adding a 4th ad to the top of the page for high search volume queries, this might also be impacting your SEO performance. All of a sudden your first search engine listing is pushed further down the page.

Lets say your ads do cannibalise some of your SEO traffic, this provides you with the opportunity to show a much more targeted message to those users and it allows you to drive users to a targeted landing page. So rather see it as a blessing in disguise, if this is the truth.

But there are several reasons why this might have happened.

My 2 cents Smiley Happy


Re: Do paid ads cannibalized some of the organic traffic?

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Yes, it is normal for organic clicks to drop slightly when you run an ad on the same search, but the total of ad + organic clicks should be higher than "just organic" clicks. You'll have more clicks overall than you would without the ad.

Here's Google's article on this topic:

Basically, their math says advertising adds nine times as many clicks as the organic listing loses. Those are averages, of course, so your performance may be different.