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Was just wondering, in default, the medium "cpc" is referred to Paid Channel, right?


Why do I see "google / cpc" in Display Channel. If Medium=cpc, shouldn't it be parked in Paid Channel ?


This issue arose when my client was curious to have Display Channel appearing in their GA Account, however my client was certain that they have not run any Display campaign before.


Please advice.

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Display Channel

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Hi Keith, 


Google / CPC should be in your default channels as a paid channel although Display traffic is not necessarily paid traffic. It can easily be traffic coming from YouTube. 


Mostly, if you check the secondary dimension " Ad Distribution Network " , you should see it marked as "Content". This will get it listed under the Display Channel. 


Let me know if this answers your question. 

- Josh

Joshua, Top Contributor
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Display Channel

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Hey Josh, 


Thanks for the reply. Yes, I'm seeing "Content" in Ad Distribution Network in Display Channel. What does that mean?


So the reason I'm seeing Display Traffic (although my client is not doing any Display Campaigns) is that it might be traffic coming from YouTube? (if that's the case, it should show Video Campaign in Google Adwords, right? But no sign of Video Campaign was shown in Google Adwords.)


Was just wondering if Source/Medium was google/cpc, why is it parked in Display Channel and not in Paid Channel.


When I do Source/Medium in Paid Channel, it also shows a portion of Traffic being google/cpc. I was curious that some Traffic was parked in Paid Channel and some was in Display Channel, although they both have the same Source/Medium which is google/cpc


I've also tracked back the period where Display Traffic was coming in (May 2016 - June 2016) and mapped it against the data in Google Adwords, there were only Search Network Campaign, no sign of Display Network Campaign was implemented.


Was it caused by enabling the auto-tagging in Google Adwords?