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Difference in Adwords clicks & Analytics sessions

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As Google Analytics does not pick up some sessions- explained in your forum Adwords & Analytics forum:,
primarily when a User's device not able to support the following-

  • Cookies
  • JavaScript
  • Images
    Does this also mean normally Analytics is not able to record these sessions? 
    How much % of sessions would you attribute as not recorded based on info available with Google?
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Difference in Adwords clicks & Analytics sessions

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Hi Ruchit, 


While a small number of browsers are set not to support cookies/JavaScript/images but the vast majority can handle this. 


The more important issue to take when looking at sessions vs. clicks is to understand that they are fundamentally different. It only takes one click to send someone to a website but that visitor can either, time-out of the session and then come back and trigger a new session, re-visit the page via another link with a new campaign/source referral which would trigger a new session as well. 


In short don't try to compare clicks an sessions - they are fundamentally two different things. 


- Josh

Joshua, Top Contributor
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Difference in Adwords clicks & Analytics sessions

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Hi Joshua, I agree with it.

That's why I am all the more confused with having a large no. of clicks & only about 30% Sessions for the same. 
Appreciate your prompt response.