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Defining 'Facebook' on Google Analytics

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Does anyone know the difference between all the Facebook categories under 

Google Analytics



---All Traffic


-----Social (Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, etc) 

-----Other (Facebook,  facebook, etc)

Why is Facebook showing up three times,and twice under 'Other'?



Defining 'Facebook' on Google Analytics

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Hi Tomer,


I've seen similar issues in the past with the "other" category catching Facebook traffic due to inconsistencies in how UTM tags are used on social campaigns. For instance if you tag a link with a source as "Facebook" and a medium as "post" or "ad" you'd start to see those clicks showing up in the other category. If you use "social" as the medium, it will help roll those clicks into the more standard Facebook bucket. 


Similarly, if you have a UTM with "Facebook" and one with "facebook" it would document those in two separate rows. The capitalization issue is a pretty simple fix going forward by applying a lowercase filter on campaign source, campaign medium, campaign name, campaign content, and campaign term. LunaMetrics has a great walk-through on those.


Annie Cushing from Annielytics had a great post about the social network dimension just the other day that you might find interesting too.





Defining 'Facebook' on Google Analytics

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Thank you so much for such detailed answer.


Re: Defining 'Facebook' on Google Analytics

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@Davin P is on it with great advice. Smiley Happy


Just one more tip for you Tomer and the whole community that might be useful.


If you'd like to see as a source only (not,,, separately) and you'd like to simplify your work, you can use a Search and Replace filter in Google Analytics as well:


Search String: ^.*facebook\.com$
Replace String:





Hope that it helps as well.



Defining 'Facebook' on Google Analytics

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I write extensively about the horrible (Other) channel. It's basically Google's junk drawer. If Google doesn't recognize the medium you've used, it goes in (Other). For ex, you might be tagging the medium as 'facebook' instead of using 'social' and tagging the source as ''. You can read more in my campaign tagging guide: Hope this helps! And thank you, @DavinP, for the mention.