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Custom Dimensions - User Based

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Hi Analytics Community Smiley Happy, Maybe you can help me.


I am planning to track a website that every user can register on it, submit codes that are on a offline products they purchased  in order to receive points.

These points allow the users to get products (the more points you have, the better product you cat get)

What we want to do is advertise on Adwords different creatives based on the amount of points the user has. Lets say 1 creative is for users who have 0-10 points, second creative 10-20 points etc.


I thought to create GA audiences based on a Custom dimension that describes the amount of points you have on each day.

The data on the costume dimension will be collected on a user basis.


My question is related to the situation that a user has in the beginning lets say 5 points and is in Group A and then he moves to Group B.

Once the user gets more points, does the user move from group A to B immediately ? Or it happens only at midnight ?



I hope I explained myself clearly 


Thanks a lot



Custom Dimensions - User Based

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Hi @Liron L,


This will happen when your data is processed (not immediately or midnight). Please keep in mind that there is data processing latency in GA and differs depending on your traffic (it can take upto 48 hours but usually couple of hours).


I hope this helps.