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Clicks but no sessions

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In AdWord Campaigns view in GA I see all the AdWords data (clicks, cost, etc.) but no Behaviour data (sessions, bounce, etc.)


Having reviewed this forum thread (already closed) I was not able to find a solution


So the pageviews for the landing pages used in the AdWords campaign (to my understanding) are in GA, they are assigned to organic traffic (not set), so I don't think the issue is with GA tracking code


Does that mean that?


1. Auto tagging is not working?

2. Something else?


If so how can I drilldown and correct the errors.



Re: Clicks but no sessions

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Yes, if AdWords traffic is being reported as organic traffic, the problem probably is with your auto-tagging. Either you've turned it off in AdWords, or there a server-side redirect stripping/altering the auto-tagging parameters before the landing page loads.

These two articles explain what you need to check:

Re: Clicks but no sessions

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Hi Michael,

Thanks for your answer.

I have auto-tagging turned on. I have also followed the tutorial (link below) to verify auto-tagging and the URL appears to be sent to GA. However, I still don't recieve Session, Pageview, etc. data.

In addition, I am using custom campaigns for some landing pages and they do work properly, therefore I assume auto-tagging should also work properly. Is that a correct assumption?

Any other ideas on what I could try to pinpoint the issue?



Re: Clicks but no sessions

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Hi Tadas,
I do have a similar problem like you faced. There are so many clicks on the Ad, but no sessions at all.

Here are other details, that I thought might be relevant.
The site is built with Wordpress, where I used Google Tag Manager Code. Only in the landing page, I used only Google Analytics Code.
Also, I used UTM Parameters and wondering is this something causing the error. Should I totally get away with UTM and rely on Auto-Tagging?

Please let me know if you found a solution ultimately. Thanks.