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Big Number differences between 'AdWords Clicks' and 'Analytics' Users Number'

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Hi People!


I would like to ask you guys advice on AdWords Clicks numbers and Analytics Users' Number. My client is running AdWords Campaign for sometimes and they attract around 35,000 clicks on their AdWords but only 2,500 Users on Google Analytics metrics. Logically at least these two number should be, if not exact, around similar numbers but I struggle to understand why there's big differences.


Is anything I should check it or I miss something here?


Many thanks


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Big Number differences between 'AdWords Clicks' and 'Analytics' Users Number'

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Hi Ki

This is actually not unusual. It really depends on the type of site the client has. For example, this would be normal for a social media website. 


Is your client a large business and are you running a branded keyword campaign? If this is the case, it might explain the discrepancy. 


Is the CLICKS metric in GA matching AdWords?


However, with that said, this discrepancy seems rather large. 

I'd recommend that you follow the checklist here:


You should also have a read of this as it explains the slight differences between the metrics:


Anyway, go through the checklist and if there's still a discrepancy, answer my questions above and we can troubleshoot further. 


Big Number differences between 'AdWords Clicks' and 'Analytics' Users Number'

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I faced same kind of problem. But campaign source was Facebook. I saw 40K ad clicks on Facebook insight but had around 2/3K visitors on analytics. 

The best answer with which i convinced myself was that , many users clicked on the ad, a pop up or browser opened immediately to guide to my site, but user also closed that immediately. So, I got ad click, but not the visitor. 

Usually this happens a lot. Don't know what is the problem on your case. I am just sharing my experience on issue like yours...