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Are normal conversions included in assisted conversions?

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I currently have 8 assisted conversions (Conversions > Multi-Channel Funnels > Assisted Conversions) for my AdWords campaign, and 5 normal conversions (Aquisition > AdWords > Campaigns) for the same campaign. Does that mean I have 8+5=13 conversions in total? Or I have 8 conversions in total, 5 of which are "normal" conversions?


I really need to know this to determine if my AdWords campaigns are on profit or not. Also in AdWords I'm seeing only 4 conversions total, 2 click assisted and 3 impression assisted conversions. Again, are these separate from the normal conversions?


This is all a bit confusing, I just need too know how to calculate my ROI from my campaigns. Any tips will be greatly appreciated!