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Analytics remarketing lists not shown in Adwords

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Hello guys,


Client of mine recently shared his GAnalytics account with me. I belive he gave me the admin rights as I was able to create remarketing audiences and linked account with my Adwords account. Everything seems fine unless I cant see the remarketing audiences in my Adwords account, so I cant use them to make Ads.


The connection between accounts seems fine, I have enabled remarketing in the Analytics, but the audiences (I created 4 with hundreds of people in them now) just arent there.


Where could be a problem? Thanks for any ideas.



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Re: Analytics remarketing lists not shown in Adwords

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Hey Peter,


Few checks:

- do you see the Audience list populating in Analytics? ('Display audience size' & 'Search audience size' - are they populating over the time?). If, yes, there's some issue with GA-AW integration. Else, the issues lies with GA Remarketing implementation


- Under property settings > Audience Definition > Audience > Link Configuration > Destination account > you sure you selected correct AW account id?


- under AW > Share Library > Audiences > do you see GA list synced or not?



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Re: Analytics remarketing lists not shown in Adwords

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Hello Vibhor,

Thanks to you I started to see what could be the problem. My client had a different Adwords account linked to Analytics, I added mine, so now there are 2 linked Adwords accounts.

But when I look at the remarketing list (like you shown me on 2nd screenshot), I see the other (not mine) Adwords number. The question is now, how can I change it to my Adwords number (I have the dropdown selector grey/unclickable as you in the screenshot).

Should I delete the connection with the first (not mine) Adwords account completely? I would not like to lost the past Adwords data.

Thanks for help

Re: Analytics remarketing lists not shown in Adwords

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true... it's un-editable field.
you can create new Audience list, and choose whatever Destination AW account for this new list.

no need to delete original previous AW linking (in which case data will continue flow from both AW accounts to GA, & GA Audience list will be sync to both AW account). However, if you're sure they are not using the other AW account, in that case yes its safe to delete.