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Adwords Gclid parameter not populating

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Hello –


We are having an issue with (1) gclid parameters not populating post click, and (2) thus clicks are much higher than visits in Google Analytics, and we are seeing some campaigns with no visits at all. We have gone through verification checks and nothing appears to be wrong. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to fix this? An example of the situation and what we checked already is below.


Situation Specifics -


 - “Fiesta Tax” paid search ad goes to correct landing page, but no gclid shows against url in the browser after clicking on the ad: - tracking is lost completely even though this is not a redirect page and auto-tagging is on.


 - Google Analytics Visits are 0 (or less than clicks) for many of these CPC campaigns even though we have clicks and $ charges showing. This is not a minimal difference that could be explained by slow page load, or different tools, it is a massive discrepancy.


 - We are also seeing an error message in GA admin


 Checks: Already checked the following and no reasons for an error –


  1. Yes, Auto-tagging is turned on
  2. No, none of the destination pages are not redirects, so there would be no server site redirect logic removing the gclid parameters from the url
  3. Yes, a test gclid url populates correctly in the browser. i.e. when the following test url is used, we see the gclid parameter in the browser, so it is not the website:

Please could anyone help with why the tagging is not coming through? None of the help pages give any information other than what we have already checked.


Thank you!

Re: Adwords Gclid parameter not populating

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Hi John,


A couple of things to double-check:


1. Make sure you've linked AdWords and Analytics accounts properly and you've turned on auto-tagging in Google Analytics:




2. Double-check your Destination URLs in Google AdWords so they are exactly the same like you mentioned:, not or


If you don't have a slash (/) at the end of the URLs in your ads in Google AdWords, there's a 301 redirect happening and there will not be a GCLID against the URL in the browser after clicking on the ad. This is really important. Click on this link and see what happens:


It's not a problem if clicks and sessions do not match in your reports. Read this article to learn more:


Hope this helps. Let me know how it goes @John C.


Adwords Gclid parameter not populating

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1. find you ad in google,

2. right click on it and copy url,

3. go to

4. paste your ad url and click "Analyse"


Thanks to this tool you can trace what exactly happens when you click the ad.