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Adjusted Bounce Rate

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I have been using an adjusted bounce rate for some time now, and I am wondering if anyone else has an opinion on whether this might still be a relevant / worthwhile tweak?  In short, this prevents visitors who stay on the landing page (for some time) but don't visit another page from being counted as a bounce.


Google suggested / sanctioned this back in 2012, but that was awhile ago:






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Re: Adjusted Bounce Rate

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Hi Tyler,
my answer is probably the worst one because it's not always the same.

it depends Smiley Happy

If you website is a pure content website where there is nothing else to do that read a news, adjust bounce rate is very useful especially now were habit of the user to get a news from a social network and then go back, adjusted bounce rate is going to give you detail of how many user read an article.
Lately i would prefer to use it connected to user scroll but still.

If you have a website where user interaction is very strong with slider, video etc. etc i would prefer to track interaction with all the element of the website instead of use adjusted bounce rate because if I developed all this interaction and user stay on the page 20 seconds but not interact with anything I have an issue.


Re: Adjusted Bounce Rate

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Hi Tyler,

as Filtro suggested - it depends. It depends on what you consider to be an engaged user so by defining particular actions on page you could send interactive hits to GA. In short if a person has engaged with the site he / she should not be considered as a bounce and vice versa.

I would suggest using more conditions scroll / click / time than just a time based criteria as it can be very misleading.

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