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Add users to a remarketing list using other list's cookie

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Does anybody know if it's possible the serve search ads to an audience created in Google Analytics consisting of people that have previously visited our website (and will not necessarily visit the website again) and match a certain condition based on a value set in custom dimension?
1) We used Data Import to set a custom dimension to value (1-5) to each client id (15K in total)
2) Then we created segments in GA using this custom dimension (i.e. include users which custom dimension = 1. Total size of this segment is 5K).
3) Next we created an audience using that segment and linked it to AdWords.
Normally people would need to revisit the website to become a member of a remarketing list. We are looking for a way to add people that are eligible for, but are not yet part of our list based on the GA segment, but are part of a general "all users" list.
Does anybody know of a way to achieve this?