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AdWords gclid

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I know this is a bit of a repeat of a common question but not being so technical I have found it difficult to dive into other threads and make sense of them.


I am getting a reasonable number of clicks from my adwords but only one of my adgroup's clicks are generating ANY sessions according to analytics - that is the adgroup that directs clicks to my homepage. I got a standard message in analytics talking about gclid and redirects but when I clicked on one of my own ads it appeared that the gclid element was correctly added to the URL. I did notice that when I clicked to another page from the landing page (ie the page my ad sent me to) the gclid element got dropped though it did reappear when I went back to that landing page. If anyone has any hints that can help me isolate the issue I would be very very grateful



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AdWords gclid

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Does it work when you manually add ?gclid=test to the end of your landing pages? You can use realtime analytics to test. Parameters can get removed if your domain uses redirects. E.g. www.domain.com/page/ to www.domain.com/page (without the slash). That way www.domain.com/page?gclid=test will work, but www.domain.com/page/?gclid=test will redirect to www.domain.com/page and the gclid gets dropped.

Re: AdWords gclid

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Thank you so much for your attention to this

I tested it and the result was:

If I had

www.domain/page/?gclid=test - it kept the gclid and appeared in my real
time analystics


www.domain/page?gclid=test - it redirected to www.domain/page/ and dropped
the gclid

Which explains (presumably) why it does work on my home page which drops
the / at the end of it if I put one on the end of the URL

Now the idiot question

Does that mean if I add a slash to the end of the URL in my google adverts
it will then keep the gclid and I can die happy?

Thank you

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AdWords gclid

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You can forget my question in my earlier email. I updated an ad with the slash and it worked first time. I have now updated all of my ads. Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it and will click the buttons that tell people you're a modern day hero!


AdWords gclid

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Great to hear it worked! You are welcome! :-)