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AdWords Account in Google Analytics Isn't Mine

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When looking at my AdWords report in Google Analytics, I'm seeing campaigns and ad groups that aren't mine. I can see the name of the account that the traffic is coming from - also not mine. How would someone else's AdWords account be reporting data into my Google Analytics? How can I stop this?

Re: AdWords Account in Google Analytics Isn't Mine

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Hi Amy,


Basically, someone is sending you a free traffic? Smiley Tongue


Take a look at your AdWords Linking in Google Analytics: Admin -> Property -> AdWords Linking.

Do you see only your own Google AdWords account there?


If you see only your own AdWords account there, you can block this traffic if you apply this kind of filter:


Admin -> View -> Filters -> Add Filter -> Custom Filter





Instead of "campaign_name_1|campaign_name_2", you should use the names of those AdWords campaigns that you'd like to exclude.


| - The pipe symbol means or. So if there's more than one AdWords campaign, you can use a pipe (|) between those names in order to exclude all of them.


Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes.