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404 errors from exit pages via Google AdWords

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Hi folks, 

Just had a look at Google Analytics' exit pages for a site we manage and found dozens of 404 errors, for which the source is claiming to be Google CPC. There is a live AdWords account but all landing pages, widgets and links have been checked on all pages and there's no issues. The website in question does link off to a third party site where the user can complete a transaction/booking. Have done a full crawl and site audit on Raven, which found no major issues or 404 errors. 

Any idea what could be generating these 404 errors and how we can overcome them? Could they coming from the third party site? Here's an example of just a few of the errors...

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Re: 404 errors from exit pages via Google AdWords

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Hi Andrew,


Not sure I can help but I'm willing to give it a shot - there is something odd going on for sure.


So, by looking at exit pages, we're not necessarily looking at AdWords landing pages right? These are just the pages people exited the site from. The users could have clicked around before landing on these pages. Do the Behavior Flow or Landing Page reports shed any light on where the AdWords traffic is landing and/or the path through the site, when you segment by just AdWords traffic? If you see AdWords landing pages matching up to these 404 pages then there is likely a problem somewhere in the AdWords account. If the landing page reports look normal, then the issue is likely somewhere on the site or with a third's hard to say but it would appear to be after the click and after the session starts. 


From the AdWords side, I would just in case, check out any keyword level URLs that could be hiding out in the account and I would double check any potential issues with tracking templates that may be in use.  This may have been part of an initial sweep but if there are any spots where URL issues can hide, it's often in one of these two areas.


Not sure if any of this is any help but like I said, figured I'd give it a shot.





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