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I'm looking at an analytics account that is connected with an AdWords account. Google AdWords has 1100 clicks for that campaign, but 0 Sessions, 0% Bounce Rate, etc. I'm pretty confused by this and can imagine that the simplest answer is probably the most likely answer.


But I have to ask, is there anything specific that I can troubleshoot here? Or is there any insight into why it's 0?

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Hi @Ruthy B,


There is certainly something odd happening that is worth investigating.


You can install Google Tag Assistant, a free Google Chrome extension to determine if the Analytics tag (and others) is installed correctly, firing properly, etc.. You can use these instructions to learn how to use it to gain account info.  


I really think the tracking code (tag) is old, improperly installed or having some other issue. 


And you can go to your AdWords account, click on the gear icon (upper right hand corner) and call that phone number for support, who can actually see/access your account (since we cannot). You can also click on Help (same place), which will provide other methods to interact with support. You can also read up here to learn more about account actions.


Please do dig into the issue, since something it wrong. Let us know what you discover. 


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Thank you James!! Smiley Happy