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trying to determine the business value of sections within a site

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I work with a large site with about 200 sections, or folders within it. I'm trying to assess the relative contribution each section of the site makes to the business. I have monetized goals set up, and use page value to identify the most valuable pages. What I'm wondering is:

  1. can page value can be extrapolated to represent a rough measure of total goal value by multiplying page value by number of pageviews?
  2. if yes, then would summing up the this measure for all pages within a folder, give me a rough measure of goal value for the site section, which I can then use to compare folder to folder?

I tried this approach and it gives numbers that make sense when I assess the results using my understanding of the business. I am, however, a bit wary about generating false results by using a metric in a way it was not originally intended.


Thoughts? Feedback will be most appreciated.