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transactions vs conversions and MCF

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Hello all,


I'm trying to understand some difference between Google Analytics reports and was wondering if you could help me.

1. Transactions / Conversions
We have set a conversion goal for every transaction but we still notice a difference. If I look at the Acquisition report, I see 88k transactions but when I go to the MCF > Top conversion path report, I see 77k transactions while I have selected the same goal on both sides. Do you have any idea why there is such a big diffference?

2. MCF / Acquisition

This point is most likely linked to the first one but I'm not sure. In Acquisition I see that direct has generated 13k transactions, in I go in MCF > top conversion path, Direct alone has generated 11k and if I take all other pathes where direct arrives at the end, I end up with 25k conversions. My understanding was that Acquisition report was reporting last click conversion so I tried to see when Direct was the last in MCF but ended up with completely different figures.

I'm a bit puzzled Smiley Sad



Re: transactions vs conversions and MCF

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Hey Laurent,


1) generally MCF reports conversions that span 2 or more Path Length and 30d Look-back Window (see screenshot). Try adjust these variables and figures should begin to match. (I tested in my test a/c and the figures are matching.


2) You're correct Acquisition reports last click conversion, but also remember as per GA's attribution model it's a last "non-direct" click. So a path: "AdWords ad click" > (direct) > conversion,

- in Acquisition reports is reported under (google / cpc) and not under (direct).

- MCF reports are different, in a way that (direct) is always shown as the channel interacted with along the conversion path,  Hence, MCF will report (direct) as last interacted channel for this conversion path.


Hope this clarifies the things (hope this clarifies things)

Let me know if anything unclear still, but attaching a screenshot of your reports will help clarify the situation.





Re: transactions vs conversions and MCF

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Hello Vibhor,

Thanks for the clarification.
I have tried changing the settings but the total amount of transactions is still different. I have selected all sources, same goal in acquisition and MCF, 1+ path and acquisition still displays more conversions.

I was not aware of the difference in path you explained between MCF and Acquisition but in the end, the total number of transactions should be the same on both sides, no?