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htttp vs in request properties of an event

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Since last week I can see in WASP inspector 2 box events, when a specific event is triggered. One box is greyed and connected with a green arrow to the other one. However, I don't think that 2 events are sent to Google Analytics, as we don't have an increase in the number of events for the last week. I simply think that a redirect or something is taking place, without having an impact on the number of pageviews or events that are sent. However, I would like to understand why this is happening and make sure there is no problem with the tracking. The only difference between the 2 event boxes is that at the Request properties one has URL path as, the other one (the grey one) the same url, but with http instead of https.

Is there anyone who can understand what is happening?

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Re: htttp vs in request properties of an event

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Hi Banica,

Did you check the status of these requests? If one of them is 307, and the other is 200, then you don't need to worry about this because only 200 is sent to GA.

When GA tracking is implemented via GTM, there'll always be an internal 307 redirect.