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goal tracking with events via Tag Manager - Data seems inaccurate

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Hi there,


we've a real estate website. The main goal is that users press the contact button and fill out a contact form.

Basically we want to know how many contacts per month we had in total and how much per real estate. It is totally ok (and even wanted) that several contacts per session are counted.

We implemented an event tracking on form-submit collecting real estate type and id. Further we defined these events as goal. GTM-Trigger is only firing when everything is filled correctly via a dataLayer event. We have an internal tracking that prove the event goal numbers don't fit reality (last month: unique events up to 40% difference, total events more than 10% difference). We even counted once the contacts (i.e. sent emails) by hand to be sure about the numbers, internal tracking is giving the right numbers.


So far to the situation, now the questions:

  • Any ideas how these differences may appear and where to start debugging? Manual tries haven't showed us any clues.
  • Is Event tracking even the best way to track this? We do not have a 'thank you'-page and don't really sympathise with virtual pageviews.
  • If I'm right an event is only unique once per session, so the unique events must be wrong, but goal numbers are tied to the unique events. Any way to handle this?
  • In GTM I have Options for event-triggering: Once per event, once per page and unlimited - not sure what is right here.

Thanks for you help and inputs, best Chris

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Re: goal tracking with events via Tag Manager - Data seems inaccurate

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For debugging you can start on the webpage itself, and see how tracking is working for contact button.

You can easily debug on the website with GA debugger:

You can check in chrome, console tab with 'Preserve log' turned ON.

Best Regards,
GA Guru.

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Re: goal tracking with events via Tag Manager - Data seems inaccurate

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Hi Chris,

Google Analytics records only one goal completion per session and there is no way around this.

I'd recommend you to set up ecommerce tracking in order to track your form submissions. Your site don't need to be an ecommerce site to use ecommerce tracking. GA will track multiple transactions per session and you can send more details (real estate name as the product name in your case) to GA with the transaction data.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have questions.

Arnold Majlath, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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