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create one funnel for multi-languages website

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Hello Guys,


i need to create sales funnel for customer journey, but my website have 2 languages (EN-AR).


so can i create one funnel for the 2 langues?


EX: my Funnel URLs is:

http://mysite/en/LandingPage or http://mysite/ar/LandingPage


https://mysite/en/product or https://mysite/ar/product


https://mysite/en/cart or https://mysite/ar/cart


https://mysite/en/checkout or https://mysite/ar/checkout


https://mysite/en/thankyou  or https://mysite/ar/thankyou  



Thanks you

Mohamed ElMoghazy



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Re: create one funnel for multi-languages website

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Don't think GA takes 'or' condition for mid-pages in a funnel. Implementing event tracking with the same category, action and label for the 2 language pages and then create a event-based funnel would be the better option.

Re: create one funnel for multi-languages website

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Hi Mohammed,
Syed's suggestion is certainly feasible. But I'd like to give you another option.

You can use Enhanced Ecommerce, which provides better reporting about the funnel.
Regardless of the url difference, you can add the same impressions, products, checkout steps, transactions in one language (e.g. EN) in your two-language funnels. And use any of the Ecommerce fields (e.g. category, brand, variant) OR custom segment to differentiate the languages in your funnel.

See the article below for implementation details:


Re: create one funnel for multi-languages website

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Hi Mohhamed - you can actually create 3 funnels - 1 EN, 2 AR and 3 Aggregate for both - note that you would need to use regex matching for the 3rd aggregate funnel. So the goal destination would be /(ar|en)/thankyou or similar.

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