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count a destination URL Goal only once

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I've setup several goals for a website I'm managing and I was wondering if there's a way to avoid counting the same destination URL more than once.

For instance, I'm tracking the number of users who registered on my website. To track this goal I've put as a destination URL all the URLs that start with (.../web/signinConfirm?signinToken=...), i.e. the final URL the user reaches when a registration is confirmed.


There's a unique token for each user when confirming registration of course (so the theoretical assumption is that I provide X different URLs for X users), but on my goals the same URL shows up more than 1 (even 5, 6 or 18 times Smiley Very Happy). This shouldn't happen unless a user goes on that URL in separate sessions (which is unlikely, but who knows).

I was wondering if is there's a way to avoid counting this "repetitions" at all on the Goals reports?

Thank you!

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count a destination URL Goal only once

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Hi Stefano,


Interesting.... By default goals can only happen once per SESSION.   A user could of course return to the same thank you page in a subsequent session as an entrance via bookmark etc. and this would be another conversion.  Look to see if the subsequent goals are entrances.


You could also deploy a workaround that checks for a cookie and if present have the server redirect to a different url or rewrite the URI with GTM. 




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