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conversion tracking with no thank you page.

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I have on my website Analytics and Adwords tracking code. Now I will work with new ad platform and I want to track my registrations. The problem is that this platform has no tracking code. So I want to check the results from Analytics. But the bigger problem is that I do not have thank you pade. When you register to my website you see only pop up message and you are still on the main page. So how to create goal in analytics to check the result from my campaigns? 


I hope you understand my question, becouse it is a little bit hard for me to explane... Smiley Wink 


Thank you all in advance. 

Re: conversion tracking with no thank you page.

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Hi Epari


So from what I understand you have


  • Analytics codes on the site which are currently tracking page views
  • Adwords codes on the site I assume are re-marketing codes? I assume this as you say that you have to thank you pages so I assume that the Adwords codes are not the goal tracking variants. 

Tracking traffic from another source is not to hard and would suggest that you use the following Campaign URL Builder which will allow you to create a custom URL specific to the ad platform that you are using (NB: Neither Google Adwords or Bing Ads require this as they both have auto-tag features - there might be others as well). 


The problem with the no thank you page can be relativity simple to get around, especially if you have used Google Tag Manager to implement your tracking codes. I will work on the assumption that you have so what you need to look up is Event Tracking with Google Tag Manager. Its not to say that it cant be done without the implementation of GTM but for a non-techy person like me it makes life a lot easier. 


If I am allowed to I would recommend that you read the following article by Simo Ahava who goes to great lengths to explain how the process works, and even if he densest have a solution that fits your requirements you will at least be equipped with the fundamental knowledge that will allow you to identify what you need to ask. Link is as follows Simo Ahava Auto Event Tracking GTM V2


The reason that I haven't given specific instructions is that (a) all sites and set ups are different (more specifics would help) and (b) there are people out there that are far better equipped with the knowledge than me. 


Another person that I found useful was this guy Measureschool


Kind regards