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Wrong URLs in Goal Completion Location Report

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In Google Analytics, Conversions -> Goals -> Goal URLs report I see several 'Goal Completion Location' URLs where this specific goal can't be completed.


The goal is a file download. It is configured so that it is completed when a user clicks on a link with id="nttx_".

The URLs listed in the report, do not have any element with this ID.


What can be the reason?


I use Google Tag Manager and I think maybe I need to use the option Tag Sequencing, however I am not sure how.

If I set the UA (main pageview tracking) tag to fire before NTTX tag is fired, will that make the UA tag run twice? also will it help at all?


Has anyone ever had such an issue? How to fix this?

Thank you!


Wrong URLs in Goal Completion Location Report

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Hi Levon,


I guess, you have some problems with the certain trigger in GTM. Are you sure that your NTTX tag is triggering only if someone clicks on a link that contains nttx_?


I highly recommend debugging your trigger one more time. Try to find the pages that you see in your Goal URLs report click on them and use the GTM debug mode to figure out why your tags are firing if you click on those links. 


I personally use a Lunametrics recipe to track clicks on download links. It works very well and it's easy to configure. Check this out:


Maybe it's even better solution for you.


Hope this helps. Let me know how it goes.



Wrong URLs in Goal Completion Location Report

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Hi Taavi,


Thanks for the response.

Actually, there was another problem, the website has been loading very slowly from different regions and maybe universal pageview tracking tag wasn't fired on those pages. We have fixed the problem and for the recent days I see only the correct URLs.


The Lunametrics recipe is good, I use it for other goals.


Thank you.