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What's the Best Practice for a Goal that can have a *lot* of intervening pages?

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I'm reporting GA data as Pageviews from a desktop program.


I report a lot of pages just once (first time the user runs it.)  :  Started,  Tested Sound, clicked the help button, etc.


But the problem is that as I have been told (can't actually find this anywhere) : if you're using a Funnel in a Goal, you need to include ALL the pages the user might hit.

Note: the Goal still seems to report the right data, but the Goal Flow report shows exits  if they hit a page not listed in the Funnel section, even if they continue along the funnel.





If My funnel is:






And they visit:


Page4  ---> this apparently will look like an Exit in the Goal Flow report.






Any suggestions?

Like, could I put in a bunch of  "match any page" Funnel steps (  like " .* "  to "eat" those intervening pages?

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Re: What's the Best Practice for a Goal that can have a *lot* of intervening pages?

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Hey there,

This wouldn't work. Say you put in
Step1: Page1
Step2: .*
Step3: Page 2
Step4: Page 3

and someone actually just does Page1 -> Page2 -> Page 3 -> They would be shown as leaving the funnel on the third step.
Also, if they visit multiple pages, instead of just one, between your designated pages, we wouldn't be able to account for that either.

If the order isn't important to you, you could try creating a segment for filtering sessions where all 4 pages (Page 1, 2,3 and the goal page) have been visited. With 4 AND conditions, for the pages you have in mind, under the advanced portion of segments, you should be able to set this up.