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What might interfere with Google Analytics pageview tracking?

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I'm using Google Analytics to send and track a registration goal, based on a custom pageview.


Basically, every time a user registers and gets redirected to dashboard, I trigger a custom pageview using JS:


ga('send', 'pageview', {page: '/gapv/registration/success'});


The tracking works. However, when I compare the GA tracking with the number of registrations from the database of my website, the GA goal completion always shows around 10% fewer registrations.


I checked the tracking on various desktop browsers, all seems to be fine. Additionally, I hear that content blocking on mobile browsers gets more and more popular.


Is it possible that browser content blocker plugins might block my custom pageview from being fired? I send the pageview on DOM ready.

What else might explain the difference between my DB results and the GA goal count?

Any ideas are very welcome.

Re: What might interfere with Google Analytics pageview tracking?

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Users can opt out of tracking from desktop browsers too. That might be one of the reason.


You can easily debug on the website with GA debugger for implementation issues:

You can check in chrome, console tab with 'Preserve log' turned ON.

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