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What is an appropriate naming convention for Event Categories?

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I'm wondering what the right naming convention for an Event Category should be. Suppose I have the following three pages related to subscribing for a SaaS product:


1. Pick a Plan: Allows user to select a subscription plan

2. Checkout: Allows user to purchase plan with credit card

3. Manage Account: Allows user to cancel subscription


On each of these pages, I'm recording specific event actions (e.g. "Clicked plan option", "Purchased subscription", "Cancelled subscription"). In the past, I have use the page name for the Event Category (e.g. "Pick a Plan", "Checkout", "Manage Account").


Should I be grouping these events under a single "topical category" instead, such as "Subscriptions"?


GA already captures the URL as a dimension, so I would always have that if I wanted to look at the event actions by page. Furthermore, should any of these events occur on a new page in the future (e.g. "Clicked plan option" on a new Marketing Landing Page), I would still have the event classified under the "Subscriptions" category.


What are your thoughts on this? Any pros or cons of doing it one way over the other?

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Re: What is an appropriate naming convention for Event Categories?

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Hi Ralph,

That's completely up to you. Set up your event naming as it serves to your needs in reporting. Actually, category/action/label is just a set of hierarchically ordered label entities. It doesn't matter if the top label is actually a category or anything else ...