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What Google Analytics Tool for measuring which media channel a user enters through?

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I am not 100% sure which tool to use (i.e. Goals, Funnels or something else) to measure where an end user enters our website from.  We want to measure whether people are coming from printed material, social media or directly to our website. 


For each channel, end users enter different ways.  For example:


- Printed Material:  end users type a short URL which then redirects to the main subject page.

- Social Media:  end users click a link which then directs them to another page (a news page).

- Website: end user click a banner image from homepage which then directs them to the main subject page.


I have no clue what tools are available within Google Analytics to help with seeing the path that users take when using different media channels.  We want to measure this with each campaign we are doing.  (Note: each main subject page, banner image and each news page would be different for each campaign).


I am only new to Google Analytics and as there are soooo many tools / features with Google Analytics, I'm a bit confused as to where to even start Smiley Happy

What Google Analytics Tool for measuring which media channel a user enters through?

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Hi @Online Services WDC W,


There are many options available to do this in Google Analytics. If you are using UTM parameters on your links properly, you can check "Acquisition" reports such as Source/medium, channels, campaigns reports. Also, you can use related dimensions as secondary dimension on the other session based reports.


I hope this gives you an initial idea Smiley Happy