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2.3K members online now
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Visitors - Guests - Visiting Customers - Customers

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Hi all,


Today after Eric Fettman of webinar "Tracking User Journeys in Google Analytics: Cross-Domain, Cross-Device, and CRM Integration" I realized that I missed the opportunity to ask how to configure Universal Analytics to track Visitors , Guests, Visiting Customers and Customers in different segments.


Could anybody give some hints / directions.


Many thanks

Customers = bought [ userId, minimum 1 purchase, logged-in ]
Visiting Customers = Customers not logged-in, browsing site [ no userId, minimum 1 purchase, not logged-in  ]
Guests = Customers without a created Account ( placed an order via Guest Checkout ) [ userId, minimum 1 purchase, not logged-in ]
Visitors = just browsing / searching the site [ visitorId, no purchase ] 



Re: Visitors - Guests - Visiting Customers - Customers

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you have to use segments
how to create:

for example:
conditions: (user=log-in , userid is not null)
behavior: transaction per user > 0