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Virtual Page Views are not registering in Funnels

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I created 3 series of Events that trigger Goals


1.) Paid Confirmation

2.) Free Confirmation

3.) Coupon Confirmation


These all fires and are working correctly for Event Based Goals.

I need funnels too, so I used GTM to create Virtual Page Views that Fire when these events are triggered.


The Tags Fire... and I can see the Virtual Page Views register in Real Time Reporting.




1.) The Virtual Page Views don't appear under Page Searches or Content Searches in GA. I can only find them in the Real Time Reporting


2.) The Funnels show a %0.00 conversion rate.  This contradicts the Goals, which show there should be conversions.


It is possible that because I am NOT changing the Page Title, that it isn't counting as a Unique View, therefore not registering in the reporting? If Yes, I can add a pageTitle Variable, no problem.

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December 2015

Re: Virtual Page Views are not registering in Funnels

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Here is a look at a screenshot to show you my Virtual Pages showing in GA
It also shows the # Pages (triggered by a Modal/ History Change))

I would like to use EITHER of these as funnel criteria, but it isn't working:

GA isn't recognizing the Activity History of these pages