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Viewing product price in checkout

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I have been testing Enhanced E-Commerce to track tools that calculate an offer based on user input that can then be ordered. 


  1. Is it somehow visible where people left to (Exit or another page) in the checkout process like in the normal goal funnels?
  2. I track checkout steps together with product name and product price. Can the price of products in the checkout process somehow be retrieved e.g. in Dashboards or custom reports?
  3. Can a value be assigned to individual funnel steps in the normal goal conversions?

Thanks for any advice!

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Re: Viewing product price in checkout

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havent implemented EEcommerce yet but hopefully I can offer some assistance:
1. You need to tag your checkout funnel
2. I think you can find this information too from the report mentioned in the link above
3. Basically no. What you could do is use Event tracking. When someone enters Step 1 you could fire event
(Category: Funnel - Label: Offer12345 - ActionSmiley Frustratedtep1 - Value:[your value] must be integer so no decimals
However there will be trouble since users tend to bounce around (A LOT) so you would have to do some coding to make sure you don't fire those events more than once...

Hope this helps
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Antti Nylund, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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