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Using Regular Expressions for GA goals & Funnel pages

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This popular discussion was copied from the former Help Forum, answered by Zorin Radovancevic (RS)


Question: I am trying to figure out how to tell GA how to include 2 parts of a URL, while ignoring variable elements in the middle of the URL.



Step 1:


Step 2:


How do i distinguish Step 1 as the 'quickQuestions' step, and Step 2 as the 'createAccount' step. I am thinking that I need to use Regex to tell GA to look for /enrollment-tool plus quickQuestions. 


Do I need to use regex in this case above, or something else?


Answer1st thing you need to solve is the values you are passing to Google analytics in the page dimension which are explicitly not allowed such as (bold):


You have to exclude these query params in the view settings (cell,email,last_name,first_name)!


2nd If you want to create goals inside GA based on the hash part of the URL you would need to override the default page value when sending a pageview and edit it to pass location.pathname + + location.hash.

So your 1st step would be match regex 'enrollment-tool.*quickQuestion'  and your 2 nd step in the funnel would be  'enrollment-tool.*createAccount'.

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Re: Using Regular Expressions for GA goals & Funnel pages

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