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Unique purchases & quantity matching for 1 transaction

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Hi community,


I have an issue whereby 1 transaction had 11 of the same products in one transaction. This would mean that 1 transaction would have 1 transaction ID and a product count of 1 as it is the same product no variation. My understanding this one product should have unique purchases 1 and quantity 11. 


I've checked that this is the only time this product was purchased that day.

I've added secondary dimensions of transaction ID and only 1 transaction ID appears.

1 transaction is associated to that ID.


Google calculates unique purchases so it is not something we can pass in manually. 

This happened once at the beginning of the month and once today. All the remaining products in the report are reporting correctly.


I have matched the transaction with the CMS and purchase reports and confirm that that is the correct amount. Just the unique purchases appearing as 11 which I think might be a bug.


Any thoughts?


I've checked host name, and data imports and chances of the data entering multiple times. I've checked the user explorer and can confirm the user added 11 of this product and brought 11 products.



Re: Unique purchases & quantity matching for 1 transaction

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