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Understanding how windows include start/end dates

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If I want to figure out the effect of a certain campaign (abandon cart email) against a goal (conversion), and I set my attribution window to 1 week, and want to run a report that shows the effectiveness of the email month over month, can anyone help me understand what the numbers within that month are actually showing?

Option 1: Only the 'start event' (email trigger) needs to fall within the month. The conversion can happen after that month as long as it's in the attribution window.

Option 2:  Only the 'goal event' (conversion) needs to fall within the month. The start event could have happened before the window as long as the conversion was still within the attribution window of that start event

Option 3: Both the 'start event' and the conversion event need to happen within the window. But this I think can't be the case because the monthly report would exclude all conversions where the start event was the end of the month and the conversion event was the beginning of the next.


Really need to understand this and any help would be greatly appreciated. If there's formal GA documentation on this it'd also be helpful