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UTMs are not accurate?

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I'm using Marketo and religiously tagging my links with UTMs. However, every time I'm measuring the success in Google Analytics, I see many clicks are missing. I know that campaigns in Google Analytics are measuring sessions and not clicks, however it still a very big gap and it happens with all of my campaigns!

In example, in Marketo I see 300 unique clicks on a link and in Google Analytics only shows 120.

I checked with Marketo professional and there is no problems with the way I created the UTMs nor the Marketo program.

I also checked my Google Analytics non-filtered view (raw data) and from there too I see only 135... still not 300. Again, it happens with all of my campaigns.


What could be the problem?

Re: UTMs are not accurate?

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There isn't direct way to measure this kind of discrepancy in data and also it's not good practice/recommanded to compare any two analytics tools.

Every tools has it's own way of measuring the sessions, here is the link to understand how GA measures sessions.

Here are few points to check

> Check the Ideal session time out in Marketo, is it 30 min. GA will consider by default 30 min.
> If Marketo measures the clicks and not the sessions, then Yes, there is possibility of this kind of discrepancy.
> Is there any possibility of identifying the BOT/Crawler traffic in Marketo? These will be filtered in GA if you 'CHECK' the option to FILTER traffic from know BOTs.

Hope this helps..