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UTM Tagging Questions

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Every month we run 2 LinkedIn ads against each other, each with its own UTM tag. I have a few short questions about this:  


I am currently using Multi-Channel Reports (in particular, Assisted Conversions) to check whether any conversions are generated from this campaign. I have been told there is a 6 month window in which conversions could be recorded by GA if someone clicks the link - please let me know if that isn't correct. 


My first question is, since it would be most useful to know which of the 2 ads generated a particular conversion, is there a way to see which UTM link in particular it was that was responsible? 


My second question is, in the case of Assisted Conversions, is there a method to trace which conversion goal was actually fired, since I don't see a Conversions column in this report? 


Thank you.