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UTM Parameters Tracking

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I am running a NON Adwords campaign and I am using UTM parameters to track the results of the activity. I have two doubts that I hope you can help me with:


1) If a user click on the campaign URL with UTM parameters, he then visit the sites, exit the site without converting and come back later on (after a few hours or days) from the same device but from an organic or direct channel... and assuming that he did not cancel the cookies....If he converts in this second visits, will the conversion be attributed to the natural channel or to the campaign? So all in all I am asking if UTM parameters are "stored" during the first visit so that if that users come back from a natural/direct channel and convert I can still attribute that conversion to the original campaign


2) I have two level of conversions on my site. Standard signs ups and subscription to the premium version. Let's say that a user come to the site via the above non adwords campaign with UTM parameters and he signups. So he is now a standard users, if he then convert to premium users after a few days, or week...will this second conversion be still attributed to the original campaign? Or to the last channel? What if the last channel is direct/natural?


Sorry for the length of the question, hope somebody can help me! Smiley Happy

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Re: UTM Parameters Tracking

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Hi :-)

There is a really useful flow chart in the help docs that I often find good for referring to for answering this kind of question
The rest of the page should be read. The flowchart is located at the bottom
Bronwyn Vourtis, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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