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URL Builder for racking internal links.

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I'm looking to find a solution to tracking home page banner clicks on our website but will obtaining channel source data, ie. paid, organic, referral, social, email. ect.


i have used the URL builder but i think i will need to add more advanced terms in the string so that i still view the original channel data. 


Below is my very basic URL. i can view this in GA under campaigns.


As you can see from my screen shot. The traffic type is set to what i entered in the earlier stages - ideally i'd like to see this as the original type.  

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 12.48.27.png


Another though is if  i can use that URL to trigger an event? if so can i then see event traffic style. 


i want to track HomePage banner clicks and all other associated metric along with it. 





Re: URL Builder for racking internal links.

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Hi Simon.


If you want to see all associated metric for banners on your site, you can implement in code part of Enhanced Ecommerce plug-in for measuring internal promotions. Example for promotion impressions (data sends with pageview):

ga('ec:addPromo', {               // Promo details provided in a promoFieldObject.
'id': 'PROMO_1234',             // Promotion ID. Required (string).
'name': 'HP-Banner',          // Promotion name (string).
'creative': 'Audi TT HP Banner',   // Creative (string).
'position': 'banner_slot1'      // Position  (string).

 Example for promotion clicks (data sends with click banner):

// Identify the promotion that was clicked.
('ec:addPromo', {
'id': 'PROMO_1234',
'name': 'HP-Banner',
'creative': 'Audi TT HP Banner',
'position': 'banner_slot1'

// Send the promo_click action with an event.
('ec:setAction', 'promo_click');
('send', 'event', 'Internal Promotions', 'click', 'HP-Banner');

More information about:

Then you'll see information in GA report : Conversions->Ecommerce->Marketing->Internal Promotion:



Hope this helps.