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Two goals for the same Destination page not working

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Hi guys,

I can't get Goals to work as I need.


I have two goals:



Step1: /page1/ (required)

Destination: /thankyou/



Step1: /page2/ (required)

Destination: /thankyou/ 


Both goals show the same number of conversions... and I understood that this is normal because the 'required' step is only taken in consideration for the 'funnel visualization' report. Fine.


But in funnel visualization I don't see conversions for Goal2, even if there are.


Of course, the URLs are set properly.


My main goal is to measure the conversion rate of the sale page, and I was hoping to achieve that analyzing the funnel with the Goals.

I also tried Ecommerce integration and works great, but I can't find a way to see the conversion rate per page....




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Re: Two goals for the same Destination page not working

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Hey Daniele B,

A couple of thoughts:

1. Stop using Funnel Viz. It's more recent and more powerful, more insightful, newer, big brother is Goal Flow and provides more insight and overcomes some of the flaws of Funnel viz.

2. If you have two goals with the same destination URL you're going to skew your goal conversion rates. All things being equal - that may not matter.

I'm not entirely sure what you're trying to do with the same destination in each but, there are other ways to see the drop off (if that's what you're trying to achieve) e.g. you can look at goal flow, and reverse goal path reports.

If this truly is one goal (same goal URL), then just deactivate one of them and build out the entire funnel and uncheck the first step required. Goal flow reports are retroactive so you can do analysis right away.

Hope that helps!


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