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4.4K members online now
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Trying to process order refunds but nothing happens.

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Hi all,


We've had a few fraud orders in the last few days and due to their high value amounts they really skew our reporting numbers. Each day this week I've uploaded the CSV file in the data import just like everyone says to do but the refund never shows?


I want to refund a whole order and it says I then only need to upload the Transaction ID data. The data import section on GA looks like this. 2016-02-11 11-42-19.jpg


and the CSV file being uploaded looks like this.




When I click on manage uploads in GA it says that it's completed but nothing ever shows? I've waited for over 24 hours each time but nothing ever shows in the Sales Performance under Refunds. 2016-02-11 11-44-16.jpg


We've got the Universal Analytics tracking code in and Enhanced E-commerce settings is on too.


Anyone got any ideas on what to try? Cheers!