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TrueView in Conversion Path

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I can see TrueView campaigns in MCF/Assisted Conversions (type:AdWords) which means TrueView influences last click conversions. 

Question: What does it mean when I see 12 Assisted Conversions? What kind of situations does it in fact include? Just 30sec view and then converting from some other channel? a click on in-stream "call to action" link and then converting? 15-20 sec view and then converting? pausing video and then converting? something else and then converting....?

Any help would be highly appreciated Smiley Happy

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March 2017

Re: TrueView in Conversion Path

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Hi Kasia,

to better understand which type of interaction was included in the MCF purchase path you will need to enable this feature which makes a clear distinction between the interaction types - impression, click ... -

As to what does the Assisted conversion mean - the metric says if and how many times a touchpoint was present in a purchase path (conversion path). Enabling impression reporting you will be able to see not only the campaign but the type of interaction.

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