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Transactions: Missing the Beginning of the Funnel

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I am having some issues with my (regular) eCommerce tracking. Maybe your expert eyes can spot the problem? 


Our sites structure is quite a muddle, I must say. 


1. Our "classic sites" are built on the format www.[mySite].[tld]: 

  • www.[mySite].com
  • www.[mySite].de
  • www.[mySite].fr
  • ...


2. For each of these domains, we have the following subdomains: 

  • lp.[mySite].[tld] (landing pages)
  • signup.[mySite].[tld] (signup and thank you pages)


3. And our app site where all the previous sites lead, and where our clients can make their transactions is the unique app.[mySite].com


Now my Analytics structure: 

  • A tracker on each domain.
  • A Rollup tracker everywhere (with its own name).


My problem: In my Rollup property, the sessions with transactions start only at the app.[mySite].com. I can't see what happens before that: from what classic site do they come, and more important, what source / medium brought these users. In short, I'm missing the beginning of the funnel


My referral exclusion list is updated, I'm using the cookiedomain auto setup in my classic Analytics tag (but not in my eCommerce Analytics tag). 


If anyone has a clue, please, share it ! 





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Transactions: Missing the Beginning of the Funnel

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Hi David,


Are you saying that users begin on and convert on for example?  If to then your roll up needs to have cross domain tracking enabled or you will not get the data to connect as cannot read the cookies from




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