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Transaction Value Exclusion

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Okay so I need to exclude any transactions that equal a value of 0 so that these don't register as conversions in Adwords. At the moment transactions are simply imported into Adwords as a conversion. 


Because on the site people can add value $0 products to the cart, it is possible to check out with a total value of $0. 


How can I exclude these transactions? I've been playing around with GTM for over an hour now and can't seem to sort it.


Thanks in advance. 

Re: Transaction Value Exclusion

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Hi Abbie,

Have you implemented enhanced e-commerce via GTM?

If you've done that, you can simply create a trigger using a custom event in GTM and use a proper transaction variable and add an additional filter where the price value is set to '0'. Then add this trigger as an exception to your transaction tag. This should prevent your transaction tag from firing if the price variable value is '0'. Recommend testing it first in the preview mode before you go live!


Here's the developer guide:

If you're not using dataLayer and you're not a developer, you probably need to discuss that with your developers.

Hope this helps.