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Transaction Attribution Reporting Issue

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This could also go under Using Adwords & Analytics, but I digress...


My client is having an issue with Transaction source due to their use of PayPal as a payment option because the visitor pops over to PayPal to complete the transaction before coming back to the site.  Because of that, Analytics is crediting PayPal with being the Referral source for 87 transactions of the last 2 weeks.  Analytics credits AdWords with 30 during this period, however the AdWords conversion tracking has 103 conversions for the same period.  I understand, based on the different attribution models used by each platform that there will be a discrepancy.


My big question is how do they adjust the Analytics code to not tag PayPal as the referral source which removes AdWords (or organic or email, etc) as the correct source...or maybe configure the PayPal integration differently.


Looking for any and all insight.  Thanks in advance.


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Re: Transaction Attribution Reporting Issue

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Hi Kyle,


You should add "" to the referral exclusion list. It should help.


A common use for referral exclusion list is to prevent third-party shopping carts from starting second sessions. When the third-party shopping cart is in the exclusion list, a user will no longer initiate a new session, and won't be counted as a referral when they return to your order confirmation page.


Here I explained how does it work more deeply ( referrals will not disappear overnight):


Here you can read more about referral exclusion list:


Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes.

Re: Transaction Attribution Reporting Issue

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Thanks Taavi. I went ahead and did that...I had already added some other sites there, but doing this never came to mind.

Re: Transaction Attribution Reporting Issue

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That's great.


One more tip: Make sure you don't have any referrer spam domains added to the referral exclusion list. Traffic generated by spambots will appear as direct traffic if you've added referrer spam domains to the referral exclusion list. 


Let us know if you have any further GA related questions. We gladly help you. Smiley Happy