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Tracking the transactionPromocode...without enhanced ecommerce?

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Hello brainstrust,

I have the 'transactionPromoCode' variable as part of my datalayer script, but can't figure out how to get google analytics to actually report on it. 

Every solution I've found is related to enhanced ecommerce, which we don't have and are not able to implement until we build a new website.

So far I've tried creating a custom dimension in GA (at the hit level) for transactionPromoCode, with a matching data layer variable in GTM that feeds into the transaction tag.

That didn't work, but since I'm mostly guessing here I really have no idea why or how or what I can do to get it to feed through.

Any ideas?

Re: Tracking the transactionPromocode...without enhanced ecommerce?

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Custom dimension should do the job.


Suppose your code looks like this:



   'transactionPromoCode': 'winter123',
   'transactionId': '1234',
   'transactionAffiliation': 'Acme Clothing',
   'transactionTotal': 38.26,
   'transactionTax': 1.29,
   'transactionShipping': 5,
   'transactionProducts': [{
       'sku': 'DD44',
       'name': 'T-Shirt',
       'category': 'Apparel',
       'price': 11.99,
       'quantity': 1



You have to do some things to get this to work:

  • add custom dimension in Google Analytics and name it transactionPromoCode (I suppose you've already done this),
  • create a new data layer variable called transactionPromoCode,
  • modify Analytics Ecommerce tag by adding custom dimension with proper index and value {{transactionPromoCode}}.



When this starts to work you can choose "transactionPromoCode" as a secondary dimension in Ecommerce reports.